Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Senator Hillary Clinton must be one pissed chica. After the video of her speaking with her supporters emerged with her backers suggesting that she put her name in nomination as president in the first ballot, it was revealed that there will be an "expose" on her campaign with piles of memo's and emails from and between her staff.

I love how this ends: "You have to understand, I have no control over this process."

"No control" my ample, Black behind.

She knows good and well that these women will never vote for Senator Obama. Her masterful manipulation of language has ensured that. And she doesn't care that the GOP is watching and capturing every virtiol-filled word, so we can all watch it on an endless loop on FOX or on McCain attack ads. I think Bil O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck will have to be wearing bibs and Depends during the Democratic National Convention to capture embarrassing leaks (yeah, I said that). They may just ascend into Right Wing heaven after the convention...or spontaneously combust.

Like her husband President Bill who, when faced with the truth of his lying, cheating ways, pressed the Congress to go for the "nuclear option" (impeachment), Senator Clinton will stay at this thing till the last Cocker Spaniel swoons. Like Bill, who didn't care about the level or degree of destruction his actions caused, Senator Clinton will continue her convention tantrum, intoning "I'm doing this for the sake of party unity" every step of the way, dividing the party in ways from which we may not easily or fullyrecover.

Oh, yeah, then, as Greg Sargent over at Talking Points Memo discusses, Senator Clinton's campaign strategy memos are going to be published in next month's issue of The Atlantic.

Josh Green's much-anticipated article in The Atlantic about the struggles in
Hillaryland has just gone live online, complete with a treasure trove of internal Hillary campaign memos that paint a vivid portrait of the campaign's
internal battles over strategy.

The memos show even more clearly than before that chief Hillary strategist Mark Penn advocated a brutally negative and xenophobic campaign against Obama, and they reveal a host of internal tensions on other matters.

They planned to make Senator Obama seem "less American" than the rest of us um, "real Americans," campaign in Florida in violation of party rules (Ickes: they're going to lose 100% of their delegates anyway) and though I used to think that those who said that Senator Clinton ran her campaign from the Karl Rove playbook were mouthing hyperbole, I found that her campaign maps came courtesy of Karl Rove & Co. Really.

Now, journalistic giant The National Inquirer has divulged that John Edwards has been having an affair and may have a "love chile." Had news of this emerged sooner, one of Ms. Clinton's top competitors for the Democratic nomination would have evaporated in a puff of greasy, gray smoke, leaving her a better chance for the top spot. According to the Camp Clinton, she would have been the nominee.

Being the cynic that I am, I think I can predict how this is going to go. Senator Clinton and her delegates will make a powerplay in Denver, fronting it as a effort to garner "party unity," "allowing" her delagates to put her on the ballot for consideration (which will take her approval to do, by the way). If they don't get to have their way, they have vowed to charge the DNC (and possibly Barack Obama) with discrimination through the EEOC.

I'm not joking.


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